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801 930-0798


Open 7 days a week

7AM - 10PM


3980 south 2700 east Holladay, Utah 84115

Your Neighborhood Place

Lets get right to it ! your looking for a Laundromat that has large washers that will wash your bedding, camping gear, rugs, etc , you want to feel safe, you want to know your whites will be white and colors bright, convenient hours and be in & out without the crowds. you've come to the right place.

We have the newest, largest, Dexter commercial washers this side of town. Newest state of the art, hot and cold on demand boiler system and delivering truly piping hot water when called upon.

located in the strip mall at Oakmont Plaza across from the car wash.

Offering the largest capacity 8 load

washers on the east bench. Plenty of room for your whole families weeks worth of clothes you've been putting off, or just want the room for your goose down bed spread, these babies will do the trick.

We offer 6 and 4 load machines down to 2 loads that you can sort whites and colors too.

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